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AT Scott and Sons we believe in providing the best possible customer service available.That is precisely why we decided to offer a service that is very unique.We call it our automatic Refrigerator Water filter Replacement program.But before we go any further let's talk.

According to manufactures specification, most refrigerator water filters should be changed every 6 months. A new filter does more than just make the water taste better and help keep contaminants out of your next glass of water. It also helps keep your ice maker working properly avoiding unnecessary expensive service calls. If you start noticing that your ice cubes seem small, bubbles in the middle of your cubes, hollow or not fully shaped then you're due for a new water filter. If your on a well system and even if you have a whole house water filter on your incoming supply line.The chance of having ice maker problems are even greater.

So what we decided to due is offer our customers automatic filter replacement. How it works, we will get the information we need from you put in our computer data base and that's all she wrote. From that point on we will replace your filter every 6 months for you. Our automatic scheduler will alert us when your filter needs replacing. Because we are always around and about in our service areas we offer this service for a little more then it would cost you to buy it. We feel it's a fantastic program that makes our customers busy life styles that much easier. Without having to worry about the little things, so to speak out of site out of mind.

If you are interested with our program give us a call at 443-847-8434. At that time all we need from you is the model # of your refrigerator. Let us know the last time it was changed and we'll take it from there. It's that easy.

Call us at 443-847-8434

Servicing Carroll,Howard & Baltimore Counties

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